Vidyapati Thakkura

Vidyapati Thakkura
   The author of the Sanskrit text Purusha-pariksha (The Test of a Man) was attached to the Mithila (north Bi-har) rulers Deva Simha (?-1412) and his successors. Vidyapati Thakkura wrote another book, Shaiva-sarvasva-sara (Quintessence of Shaiva), on the order of Queen Visvasa Devi. The Purushaparik-sha is a collection of tales that often refer to historical characters, in-cluding rulers of the Delhi sultanate. These stories throw interesting sidelights on the social norms and ethical values of the period. Inter-estingly enough, these tend to show that religious hatred or differ-ences did not figure prominently in the conflicts that frequently cropped up between the sultans and Hindu chiefs. Among Vidya-pati's writings in Apabrahmsha, Kirti-lata (The Creeping Glory) is well known. His songs in the Maithili dialect dealing with the legend of Krishna and Radha are still popular in eastern India.

Historical dictionary of Medieval India. . 2011.

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